“3P” Model of Worship Leadership

This is one of those articles that afterward, you realize you already do these things but that categorizing your activities in this way may benefit your leadership. Using this model to categorize worship or liturgical leadership offers a neat and tidy way to think through the leadership process. This is the “3P” model of worship leadership.

1. The first “P” is planning. This is when the order of worship, or liturgy, is conceived, refined, and set in place. The songs and prayers are selected and placed into the service.

Planning also includes short-term and long-term planning as well. Short-term planning could be planning a series, whether a season of the church calendar, a biblical studies series or a topical series. Long-term planning could be planning a year’s worth of planning.

2. The second “P” is preparing. Once the liturgy has been planned, some preparation is necessary. This includes practicing the prayers and songs and obtaining any necessary items, such as bread and wine (or grape juice, etc.) for Eucharist, or Communion.

Short-term and long-term preparation may include connecting with others who may be a part of the plans or study that may be helpful or even necessary for the plans.

It is also worth noting that praying for the church is part of worship preparation. Consider praying for those who are also involved with worship and liturgical leadership, the congregation, and guests that may be present.

3. The third and final “P” is presiding. This is, for many of us, the climax of worship leadership. All of our planning and preparing is for the sake of presiding over the worship of the church.

It is while presiding we invite the congregation to acknowledge the presence of the living God amidst us, to be listeners and doers of the Word of God, to enjoy Communion with Him at his Table, and to leave in order to love God and neighbor until the church gathers again.

This is the 3P model of worship leadership. It is a helpful way to conceptualize worship leadership practically and to organize your own ministry on a weekly, seasonally, and yearly basis.

Featured Image: By John Snyder, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=30706323

JP#4Jason Palmer is the Administrator of TalkingWorship.com. He has a Bachelor of Science in Ministry and is currently studying for the Master of Divinity degree. Jason leads worship for Glenn Street Church. He has lead evangelical churches in worship for 9 years and desires to see worship leaders become confident in their calling.

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