How To Know When You Have Led Worship

How do I know if I have lead worship?Songbook_by_Davide_Restivo

This was the question I remember my Dad and I asking when we met to debrief our most recent worship service (my Dad was the pastor. How could we know if I, serving as the worship leader, had successfully done my job? This was my job, after all, and I wanted to do my job right and to do my job well. My Dad wanted a worship leader who lead worship “right” and lead worship “well”.

These questions were posed early in my high school years. It would not be until my later years of college that I believed there was an answer to this question. How I wish someone had been there to tell my Dad and I how we could know if I had fulfilled my task as a worship leader!Read More »

Leadership in Worship Leading: Principles and Praxis

Knowing how difficult it is to find a worship mentor, this article may offer some of the most important information one could write on the art of worship leading. Although inherent to the position’s title, the search for a worship leader can prove to be arduous. Limiting the task of the worship leader toChess_queen_0994 being a competent and proficient musician and vocalist does not inherently mean that they will provide strong leadership for worship services.

Music, both in theology and (theoretically) practice, worship leaders must understand that their role is interdisciplinary. Although true of many leadership settings, pastors, including worship leaders, often found themselves needing a widespread set of skills across various fields. Leadership certainly finds its place among this list of skills.Read More »