Jason Palmer, B.S.M. currently works at the local lumberyard while his beautiful bride finishes her contemporary music degree. He also serves as guest worship leader for several churches in the area. Occasionally, Jason can be found playing guitar and singing at local coffee shops.

Receiving his Bachelor of Science in Ministry degree from Central Christian College of Kansas, McPherson, KS, Jason focuses his theological studies on liturgy and worship from an evangelical prospective, and his ministerial studies on sustainable, reproducible, church planting.

As a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, Jason will talk baseball with anyone. In his own words, “Baseball was my first true love!” He also enjoys spending time moving the barbell at the local YMCA.


IMG_20151110_092031 editThe Rev. Canon Ryan Mackey, OCC, OSA, MA, MM currently serves as Professor of Music History and Technology at Central Christian College of Kansas, McPherson, KS, and Director of Spiritual Formation at The Father’s House, Hutchinson, KS, and Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of the Restoration (Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches).

An ordained priest in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, Fr. Mackey holds a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Friends University, Wichita, KS, and a Master of Music in Music History/Literature from Wichita State University, Wichita, KS. He also is a member of the Order of the Companions of Christ, an ecumenical Dominican order. In October 2015 Mackey was named Auxiliary Bishop-Elect for the Diocese of the Restoration.

Mackey’s bi-vocational status has blessed him with the opportunity to minister in parishes and college campuses of different traditions throughout the Great Plains. His thirst for knowledge and love of teaching drives him to study and engage the historic practices of the Church. Mackey has a passion for music and enjoys genres ranging from Gregorian chant to electronic dance music. He has over 100 recording projects to his credit as an engineer and/or musician, including over a dozen electronic-based EPs and albums which he releases under the pseudonym synaxis.

Known as an “electronic musicologist” and a self-described “Church nerd,” Fr. Mackey enjoys discussing the finer points of liturgy, electronica, spiritual formation, or most anything else over a good cup of coffee. Mackey resides in his native state of Kansas with his wife, Allison, and their two cats.


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